Arabella was established in 2016 by a young and ambitious woman. Her father comes from three generations of jewellers and he shared his love for jewellery with her. She would go to her fathers manufacture and watch the team create beautiful jewellery pieces as young as 10 years old. At times, her father would even let her work on his bench, which seemed magical to her. By the age of 14, her father put her to work at his jewellery store, handling clients and standing by his side learning with every moment. Her passion and love for jewellery grew as each day passed. Her father pushed her to finish school alongside her passion and so she did. In her last year at JMSB she started her brand Arabella and created a jewellery lookbook that people fell in love with. She would attend bazaars and events to showcase her line and slowly she made a name for herself. By October 2017, Arabella Pointe-Claire was opened. People loved the jewellery designs and fell in love with the staff. By October 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, she received a call; an opportunity to open a second location. The risks were high and she was scared but she believed in Arabella and decided to jump. Arabella now has two physical locations and an online store. Arabella’s team will continue to grow and build a successful jewellery brand just for you. 


You are our priority and we believe that jewellery will give you the ability to express yourself. It signifies your strength and beauty and we will help you show it off. Arabella will help you style and complete your outfit effortlessly through high quality jewellery to feel empowered in your daily life. Always look elegant and enjoy your jewellery all day; every day!