Arabella is the final touch that every outfit needs!
Arabella was founded in 2016 by Mona Mansur because of her love for jewelry. With every outfit, a piece of jewelry makes all the difference. Our mission is to make it easy for you to complete your outfit, allowing you to walk into a room looking absolutely astonishing and Arabella love’s being being a part of that.  
“Jewelry has always been a way to complete an outfit. It adds the perfect touch! How you present yourself, says a lot about you. Jewelry can make any simple outfit look absolutely amazing.” 
In the end, completing your outfit with Arabella is how YOU bring US to life.
How we commit to our mission on a daily basis:
We vet our suppliers to make sure our jewelry pieces are sourced ethically. Each piece is hand picked from different parts of the world. 
We want to work with you, to provide you with pieces that make you feel elevated and elegant. 
We work hard to provide you with fair pricing for quality jewelry that is made to last.